In NBN Legal, our lawyer are experienced and licensed to provide professional services in investment and immigration, we have supported succesfully for clients who invested and immigrated in Australia, U.S.A. 

In Australia, our service includes

  • Intership (salary granted) for immigration, study purpose;
  • Occupation;
  • Investment, Immigarion as granted by Australia's Government:
    1. ​​(1) Business Innovation  - 188A (temporary residence - Tr) and aim to apply for permanent residence; 
    2. (2) Investor Stream - 188B (temporary residence - Tr) and aim to apply for permanent residence visa; 
    3. (3) Significant Investment  Stream- 188c (permanent residence) and aim to apply for permanent residence visa visa; 
    4. (4) Significant business history (visa 132).


In U.S.A, our service includes:

  • Setting up enterprise in U.S.A, includes: register tax code, opend bank account, tax declairation, recruitment; 
  • Changing F1 Visa to H1B Visa;
  • Increasing capital and updating to EB-5; 
  • Recruiting employment for enterprise;
  • Changing C5 Visa to Green Card for family;
  • Registering individual tax code in U.S.A;
  • Real Estate transaction.